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Subon Data Company was started in 1981, and has operated as a local computer supply and forms business, selling to industry and the health care field from its beginning. Since then, we have expanded our market place to include a nationwide clientele.

SUBON offers products such as PC equipment,customized magnetic media, specialized stock labels, printers and printer products, continuous forms and accessories.  We also have the certified individuals on staff who are skilled in the latest technologies. Reduce the costs of maintaining your workstations and personal computers, and increase the reliability of your network with the information technology (IT) professionals to back it up .


Subon Electronic Vaulting provides automated back up and offsite data protection for critical data center servers, remote office servers, small office environments, laptops and stranded PCs.


Features include


  • Analysis of your servers to determine your needs and projected cost.
  • Agentless solution: Only one application  the DS Client  is installed at the customer location.
  • Compatible with Windows, Linux SSH, Unix SSH or NFS, MacOS Panther and Tiger, and Novell Netware. Open file back up. AS/400.
  • AES (128, 192, 256) or DES (56) encryption. In addition, corrupt files are automatically quarantined.
  • Local and remote servers (by GUI and a TCP/IP connection) can be managed from a central PC.
  • Restores from a local DS client server, or from the ADS servers. Data currency up to one hour.
  • To minimize cost and bandwidth usage, data is compressed, changes are saved at the block level, and common files are only copied once. In addition, budgets can be established.
  • Email protection for Exchange, Outlook, Lotus and Group Wise.
  • ADS monitoring of all accounts.
  • Any corporate retention policy can be established.
  • Enterprise network and systems management software compatible as long as SNMP.


If interested, you can run in a "Statistical" Mode.The Statistical Summary Tool will continue to assist in discovering the characteristics of existing data on the servers. This Tool simulates backups without sending data to ADS, and generates an analysis report. The will allow determination of how much data needs to be protected, project costs as well as determine what type of compression to be realized.There is no cost for running in the "Statistical" mode.

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